Friday, October 14, 2005

Friday Night favourite day. End of the week...staying home, or not. Family night...staying up late, or not. Feel like a barbecue. I feel like cleaning up after a busy week. I need to fix that damn dryer vent...another hours worth of cedar shingles on the shed. It would be nice to be able to park in the garage again...I guess I'll move things around.
Jane wrote in her journal that she doesn't have a good relationship with her dad. We seem to fight all the time. She gets so angry. I lose patience so quickly. Its bedtime and the day is over. I'll try harder to be understanding tomorrow. I'll pray with everyone and hopefully all faith will not be lost..some coals to blow on in the morning to bring life again.
I called Jane from school when she was still at home. "Jane, I still love you. Will you give your dad another chance?"
In the evening later in the day she hugged me and said, "I think it will work this time." Always hopeful Jane. Fan her hope to flame with significant time together...without the yelling and impatience. Family night...staying up late, ignoring that damn dryer vent and fanning the coals before they become ash.