Friday, January 04, 2008

new title

I have changed to title of the blog to perhaps marry it with the intent of this space. The old title I Wonder no longer seemed appropriate as I have made the focus here to be more about food.

I have been thinking a little further about what I hope to accomplish here, and a title having to do with food would not be entirely fitting. Therefore I have chosen The Groaning Board to perhaps give a broader focus than simply food; although a groaning board has almost everything to do with food, and abundance, and plenty.

Simply put, a groaning board refers to how the cupboards on which the food was served in colonial times groaned under the weight of so much delicious food. It is a bountiful spread of delicious and nutricious food.

I'm not one to go around quoting bible verses, but something that comes to mind when I think of the word groaning, is a verse in Romans where the author says that when there is something in us that needs to get out, but we are unable to form the words, the spirit says them for us with groans that words cannot express. That is a lovely picture of what I hope the groaning board will do.

As I thought of this description, I immediately felt that it would be an appropriate name for the collective. It would not only be a fitting description of what I hope the restaurant will become, but leaves room for the much broader intent of the collective; which is to provide opportunities for an abundance of food, music, art, culture, discussion, understanding, and personal growth. To provide a place where people will share their lives in ways beyond simple language. To express their life passions with language that crosses many boundries.

So, here's another step towards the goal. Remember, though, I have 14 years to get this all together. Who knows what it will become. And you're not allowed to hold me to anything.


joyce said...

and yet, you still refer to yourself as "brian the mennonite". Interesting.

I love the title. I love how it captures so much more than food. Hopefully there is no interpretation of: The Groaning, Bored. Maybe groaning, because we tend to overeat when the food is so good. Bored... I think not.

Cherrypie said...

A feast for hungry eyes, Brian.

Happy New Year x

Bonnie said...

I think that's a great name! I love the idea and all that it intails!

Romeo Morningwood said...

Ok, well then I guess that you can't use Hungry Eyes for the title and I am not returning the $1,500 either.

Didn't Matt Groaning invent the Simpsons?

See you in 14 of ten,
say around 7:30ish.

gloria said...

reading a book right now, called The Birth House (Ami McKay), based in Nova Scotia during WW1 and they talk of "Groaning Bread", which is bread a woman bakes when she goes into labour and how it is supposed to ease her delivery.

Romeo Morningwood said...

You're really burning the midnight oil eh? Someday when you get sick of the RW you'll come crawling back...then we'll see what's what.

Enjoy the Ice Age..only four more months until we can walk out the door in a T Shirt....
sans *antifreeze.

Romeo Morningwood said...








Anonymous said...

I know i'm kinda late on this but just thought i would say that i love the new name and enjoy reading your stuff on the occasion that i stop by. thanks for the interesting reads.

Tim Bock